Barn Door Interior DIY Ideas

Feb 14th

Barn Door Interior – If your house is a cabin in the woods or you are designing a rustic themed room, an interior barn door creates a country charm to complete the look. It does not need to be large enough for a horse that fits. But, make an authentic bard door-look about 48 inches wide. Wooden slats with horizontal wooden braces and strategically placed screws hold this large and heavy door.

As eight wooden boards from side to side, on a flat surface as for the barn door interior. Press the boards together so there is no space between them. They have all the pre-cut pieces of wood in the center of their home. Place a 48-inch piece of wood horizontally across one end of the planks. Until the third boards, 33 inches from the top end of the boards. Drill wood six screws through the horizontal planks at the top and bottom end and in the horizontal half piece through the eight wooden boards. Place three on the top edge of each horizontal panel about 1 inch from the edge and three screws along the bottom edge of each horizontal plate about 1 inch from the edge.

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Add a coat of the oil-based wood primer to the side of the door. Use a brush to apply the coarse primer. Wait four to six hours for the primer to dry. Turn the plate over and add a layer to the other side of the door. Allow the primer to dry for four to six hours. Brush the barn door interior with a water-based latex paint. Use a small sponge roller and brushes along the edges of the boards.

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