All about the Garage Door Sensor

Feb 15th

Garage Door Sensor – These small plastic devices may not seem like much. But they use infrared beams and radio signals to monitor. And even control the operation of the garage door. Simple safety sensors can stop the entire weight of a door that closes and reverse its direction. It also protects anyone or anything that may have been crushed in its path. Garage door sensors can also control your garage and doors for a variety of security measures to give you peace of mind.

Garage door sensor is electronic devices that are used to monitor the operation of the garage door. And, also maintain the safety of your garage and house. The sensors are mounted on the garage door itself or on the door rails. That sensor can be used to automatically stop, open or close the garage door when there are obstructions or other security problems. The sensors can also be used simply to alert the homeowner when the door is left open.

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The main type of garage door sensor is a safety sensor that became a legal requirement on all doors manufactured after January 1991. (See Resources for the link to the mandatory CPSC standards.) This series of two sensor mounts on each side of the garage door, along with the rails, typically 6 inches from the garage floor. An infrared beam extends from one sensor to another. If something obstructs the beam, the garage door stops and reverses to avoid crushing everything that has broken the beam.

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