11 VS 12 Volt Landscape Lighting Ideas

Feb 13th

12 Volt Landscape Lighting – The landscape lights serve for practical and aesthetic purposes. Lining a garden path or landscape with lights allows you to walk through the garden at night. Moreover, without sacrificing visibility while adding a pleasant glow to the landscape. The power of landscape lighting systems can vary considerably, although these systems differ little from each other. Ultimately, if your landscape lighting runs at 11 or 12 volts it is out of your control.

Transformers constitute an integral part of a landscape low voltage system. Transformers are altered or transformed, the electrical power of a source of electricity. In the case of low voltage outdoor lighting systems, transformers convert the voltage output of the power supply to a lower voltage. Garden lighting transformers convert electricity to a ratio of 10 to 1. Therefore, if your 120-watt power supply produces, your lighting runs at 12 volt landscape lighting.

All low-voltage landscape lighting systems contain the same basic parts – lights, cables, and light bulbs. These systems run at different power levels, depending on the output of your power supply. For example, if the power supply shuts down the standard 120-volt electricity, runs low voltage landscape lighting at 12 volt landscape lighting. However, if your only power source puts out 110 volts, the low voltage landscape lighting runs at 11 volts. Ultimately, there is no difference between the actual lights used, only in the power output in question.

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